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“Gold, Appear!” releases cast photos!

[2013-07-26 16:50:15]

【July 24=KEJ Mai Okune / Translator Eunbee Kim】For the first time, photos of the cast of MBC weekend drama “Gold, Appear!” reading through their scripts have been revealed.

In the behind the scenes cuts revealed earlier today, fans and netizens alike had a glimpse at the gold couple of Han Ji Hye and Yeon Jung Hoon as well as legendary couple Han Jin Hee and Lee Hae Sook, getting attention from many fans at every age, all the way to the youngest of the cast Park Seo Joon all intensely studying the script.

Han Ji Hye, through close monitoring of the script and extreme dedication to her acting, has been wonderfully executing playing two completely different characters. Along with Yeon Jung Hoon, who is notorious for becoming engulfed with the script, the actress has been creatively displaying the different spheres and personalities that come with both characters she is playing.

A drama representative has shared, “The love the cast hold for the script is unbelievable. The various character stories and plot development are very intriguing for the cast as well” and “The script acts as the central being of a drama that unites the entire cast and makes for it to hold merit and esteem among the audience”.

Meanwhile, MBC weekend drama “Gold, Appear!” is continuing to rein in viewers with its intensifying conflict and suspense. This rising drama can be seen every Saturday and Sunday night at 8:45pm.

(Photo=Lee Kim Productions)


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