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【Interview】SG Wannabe Kim Jin Ho "My first concert will be centered on the songs"

[2013-02-15 10:23:30]

【February 12=KEJ Saori Shiina / Photo=Jo Sung Hwan / Translator Eunbee Kim】Kim Jin Ho is finally embarking on solo activities nine years after his initial debut with group SG Wannabe. We asked the singer about the new opportunities that have opened up with his latest plans.

Kim Jin Ho released his first solo album on the 14th entitled, “Today-I Want to be One with Your Loneliness”. Following with the release of his album, he plans to begin touring in Korea in March and Japan in April. The singer also came clean about organizing everything himself rather than with his group members. “Although it was extremely overwhelming and nerve-wracking having to take care of details ranging from the lyrics and compositions of tracks to concert stage preparations, I also felt calm and comfortable doing these things. I’ve had the thoughts of singing songs written by others to the best of my capabilities grow throughout my career, but now some of that burden has fallen away.”

This album contains 10 Tracks that have been both written and composed by Kim Jin Ho himself. As to the reason why he was so picky about producing songs he had written and composed, he explained, “For SG Wannabe, great lyricists and composers would write the songs, and all we had to do was sing them well. Back then we sang songs we thought our fans would enjoy, but this album is my way of expressing myself.”

Kim Jin Ho also said that he was hoping to share “love” with the release of this album. He explained that this “love” is for lovers, friends, and family. The title track “Do you know?” especially depicts the regret and longing in relation to passed time. “A person cannot share every one of the thoughts that pass through his or her head. I’m going to share now the thoughts I couldn’t share with anyone else, do you know? Like singing through my feelings, I hope everyone who listens will be able to feel and relate to these lyrics through their own circumstances and situations.”

Kim Jin Ho spoke with both a soft tone and smile throughout the interview. However, underneath that softness was a passion as clear as day. “All the talking was focused on during fan meetings and the like, so this concert will be focused on the songs,” the singer explained calmly. He also said, “While opinions might be different among different people, I personally would like to strip to the basics and hold a concert just to sing. This is the reason why I love the singers I do. Some might dislike these kinds of concerts because there isn’t enough talk, but as a singer myself, I feel faith and satisfaction during these times of simplicity.”

Finally, Kim Jin Ho addressed to his fans awaiting the beginning of his solo activities, “This concert will be a different one compared to many today. The way people feel things are probably different throughout, but I am working very hard and trying to put this together.”

Kim Jin Ho is off to the start of a new chapter in his life and career. Following his album release on February 14th, he will be holding a concert in Japan at the Tokyo Bunkamura Orchard Hall on April 21st.

★The interview with Kim Jin Ho will be featured in the February 28th release of “Hallyu Finds Vol.32”