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【Interview】Yoon Kye Sang on First Japanese Fan Meeting in Three Years: “A Focus on Communication”

[2012-12-11 10:36:00]

【December 7 Tokyo=KEJ Hyejin Koo/ Photo=Dongyeop Chang/ Translator Eunbee Kim】Yoon Kye Sang has visited Japan in anticipation of his “2012 XMAS Yoon Kye Sang Fan Meeting” taking place in Tokyo and Osaka on the 7th and 8th respectively. After hurriedly arriving in Tokyo at noon on the sixth, this interview with the former g.o.d. member took place.

The fan meeting will be the first to take place in Japan since the one in 2009 three years ago. Yoon Kye Sang has starred in dramas “My Nineteen Year Old Sister-in-Law”(2004/SBS) and “Road No.1”(2010/MBC) that have touched the hearts of many Japanese fans. This fan meeting will grant his wish of finally being able to meet with his numerous Japanese supporters who have been fans from the g.o.d. days in separate and special circumstances.

Yoon Kye Sang: “Above all else, I want this fan meeting to be a way for me to establish a relationship and connection to my fans here in Japan. Rather than simply put on a show, I want to be able to talk and empathize with fans in this place. Over the years, many have asked why I haven’t visited Japan in such a long time. The timing has never worked out for me to be able to visit Japan between filming times, but that cannot be an excuse, and I sincerely apologize for not visiting until now. However, I feel that after this three year period of planning or this meeting, fans will be able to see a more mature Yoon Kye Sang.”

Just as he said, Yoon Kye Sang has been yielding an exceptional reputation and gaining much respect as an actor over the past three years. He starred in hit drama “Greatest Love”(MBC) last year and became an extremely hot topic while it aired. “Greatest Love” was also aired on Japan’s Fuji TV this past May. Yoon Kye Sang has achieved high rank after starring in the movie “Poongsangae”, with many saying they now see the “rediscovered actor Yoon Kye Sang”.

Though Yoon Kye Sang had filmed “Poongsangae” first, the official movie release happened to coincide with the airing of “Greatest Love”. Yoon Kye Sang plays two contrasting characters in the movie and drama and thanked the public for enjoying his acting in both more than he had expected they would. The role he played in “Poongsangae” as the character “Poongsan” contained no speaking parts and proved to be a challenge as an actor. Not having had the chance to play many macho roles in the past, Yoon Kye Sang has said, “’Greatest Love’ was loved by so many people, and it seems that studying different facial expressions proved to be a success in instilling a more lively character through my acting and reaching the next level.”

After many years with a boy band once considered the “Nation’s Group”, Yoon Kye Sang broke away and debuted into the film industry in 2004. He said, “It’s so amazing how through acting, you can create something. It feels me with so much joy knowing that the acting of one person can become the hope of another. I picked up acting to come away from the misunderstandings,” clearly showing his passion for acting.

Yoon Kye Sang, who’s sequel is currently in progress, said “Right now, I’m leaning towards movies. I personally believe actors can go into two categories. Detail-oriented actors and the actors who empathize and get personal with their acting. I know I am a detail-oriented actor trying to understand the character based on the feelings that come and go. I want to be challenged and take on more complex roles.”

Yoon Kye Sang commented about this year coming to a close, “I think that this past year I was able to organize my past experiences as an actor and prepare for this next coming year. I was able to join the “One Table” food program and experience something completely new. However, I will return to the actor Yoon Kye Sang everybody knows next year.”

Yoon Kye Sang’s “2012 XMAS Yoon Kye Sang Fan Meeting” will take place on December 7th at the Tokyo Hibiya Metropolitan Public Hall and on the 8th at the Osaka Central Public hall.

★This interview with Yoon Kye Sang will appear in the December 28th issue “Hallyu Recent news Vol. 30”


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