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Supernova and 2AM Featured in Japan’s “Beat Connection” Broadcast on Music ON! TV on January 27th and 28th

[2013-02-21 10:13:38]

【February 6=KEJ Hyejin Koo / Translator Eunbee Kim】Known as the leading black music festival in Japan, “Beat Connection 2013” took place at the Yokohama Arena on January 26th and 27th. Kubota Toshinobu was joined by the likes of Japanese stars m-flo, Kreva, KEITA, Shimizu Shota, Nishino Kana, and AI as well as Korean stars Supernova, 2AM, K, and New East to comprise a team of 55 musical artists gathered together for the festival.

“Beat Connection” is a collaborative festival between numerous artists celebrating the musical genres of R&B, soul, and hip-hop that make up black music. Compared to the festival that took place two years ago in November of 2011, this year’s event boasted a more flashy line-up. Furthermore, the daily running event “The JAM” consisted of the collaborative production efforts between m-flo’s Verbal and Kubota Toshinobu that could only be seen in this one setting.

Featured on the second day of the festival, Supernova performed a total of three songs with “Get Wild”, “She’s Gone”, and “Stupid Love” to the fervent cheers of the crowd. Member Geonil shared his experience and said, “I’m really happy that we got to stand on a stage shared by so many other Japanese artists today.” Successfully performing blood-pumping singles “COME BACK TO ME” and “Are You Ready?”, the group exited the stage with a final performance of “Shining☆Star”.

2AM also took to the stage at the Beat Connection festival. Vocal group 2AM caught the eyes of many with their cover of Kubota Toshinobu’s “Missing”. The group also shared with the audience their brilliant and graceful harmonies with their performances of “Love Song on the Radio” and “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls”. Leader Jo Kwon has said, “2AM is a group that mainly focuses on ballads. We would really like for everyone to get to know who we are through this opportunity.” 2AM followed with “Never Let You Go” and “Birthday”, and received the warm applause of the audience with their sweet interpretation of Kubota Toshinobu’s “Missing”.

The last stage belonged to Kubota Toshinobu, who sang “Mercy Mercy Me” while all the performers of the festival ascended onto the stage. 2AM’s Changmin also successfully participated in the collaborative session “The JAM”. The scene grew warmer as everyone engaged in a dance Kubota does frequently with audiences during live performances, and the feeling of togetherness fell on everyone that was present.

This event will be broadcast on Japan’s MUSIC ON! TV on the 27th and 28th.


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