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MBLAQ Returns After a Year and Five Months, "The sexy group is back!"

[2013-02-15 10:22:54]

【February 8=KEJ Hyejin Koo / Translator Eunbee Kim】Five member male group MBLAQ will be making their Japanese comeback on March 27th with new single “MONA LISA” (Japanese Version). On the 8th, the group held “THE BLAQ FUN-CH”, the first of two events including a press conference, at the Zepp Divercity Tokyo to announce their return to Japan.

Leader Seungho said, “I’ve been visiting Tokyo with G.O. up until last month because of the musical ‘Gwanghamun Sonata’, but I’m very glad to be returning with MBLAQ.” Member Mir said, “All of our fans have been asking us through SNS why we haven’t been back in Japan, and now we’re finally here. We hope that we will be able to exceed expectations through our activities.”

After making their Japanese debut in May of 2011 with a follow-up single in October entitled “Baby U!”, MBLAQ will be making a comeback for the first time in a year and five months. This new single will be the Japanese version of the largely successful “MONA LISA”, which was released in Korea in July of 2011. G.O. has said, “It’ll be our first time releasing this single(in Japan), and we hope that it will contain the same charm and receive warm responses just as the original version did.”

Seungho also said, “We changed some lyrics of the song to match with cultural differences,” while member Cheondung said, “Reading through the translated lyrics and knowing they held a lot of depth and meaning helped me to better memorize them.” MBLAQ has been busy this past year on their Asia tour. Mir said, “We were able to receive so much love and energy from our Japanese fans. Now it’s our turn to give back our own energy and love to our fans.”

MBLAQ, who has been named the “friendly and fun but overwhelmingly charming and sexy on stage group”, has said, “Please watch over and accept us now that we’re back. Let’s enjoy this experience and become one!” to the laughter of the audience. During the photo session prior to the press conference, MBLAQ members followed the poses they were asked to do and also shared their playful sides with their silly poses. MBLAQ’s third Japanese single, “MONA LISA”(Japanese Version), will be released on March 27th.



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