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Sung Si Kyung's Japanese "One Day" Concert Ends with Success

[2013-02-15 10:24:07]

【February 14=KEJ Hyejin Koo / Translator Eunbee Kim】Singer Sung Si Kyung ended both his “SUNG SI KYUNG 2013 CONCERTONE DAY’” Tokyo and Osaka concerts on the 8th and 10th respectively on a successful note.

These performances follow the singer’s “One Day” concert series that took place in Korea during October of last year. Each concert concluded with a dramatic love filled music drama playing on the screen to Sung Si Kyung’s Japanese narration that moved fans to their cores. The music featured an “unplugged” feel that featured an acoustic guitar, piano, cello, and violin that shined with a quality only Sung Si Kyung could pull off.

The first concert opened at the Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Tokyo’s Shibuya and featured Sung Si Kyung’s single “About the Things We Forget”, as well as “Wind, You”, “It Would Be Nice”, “First”, and encores to perform over 18 tracks total. After performing “On the Street”, Sung Si Kyung addressed his audience and said, “This concert has been the first for me to sing eight tracks without saying one word. I hope this change in operation will really make everyone here be able to feel the lyrics of these songs in their hearts.”

During the “It Would be Nice if These Things Happened in 2013” corner of the concert, the singer invited three guests up and epitomized a well-spoken radio DJ. During the second half of the concert, he performed folk song “When My Loneliness Calls You” and “Fragrant Memories”. Sung Si Kyung followed with covers of Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie Amore” as well as Japanese singer Hirai Ken’s “POP STAR” to make his performance cover music of the entire world.

Promoting a fun and vibrant experience with the crowd during the performance of one of his title tracks “Smiling Angel”, Sung Si Kyung said, “Usually I become very nervous on the first days of concerts, but I am so thankful to everyone because so many of you came,” and “My last song for tonight will be a song that is sung often at weddings. This is for everyone here who desires to date this year,” before going into “Two People”, the end of the concert.

Emerging onto the stage once again for his encore performance, Sung Si Kyung said, “I’m turning 35 this year. This is a song I sang as an encore 13 years ago when I was 22 years old,” to end the night with one of the first tracks of his career, “The Road to Me”.


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