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SHU-I Two Years After Japanese Debut, “We’re happy to sing, as always”

[2013-02-28 09:37:24]

【February 26=KEJ Miwa Takahashi / Translator Eunbee Kim】Five member group SHU-I held their “2nd ANNIVERSARY LIVE ~HOP→STEP⇒JUMP” concert on the 24th at the Tokyo Takeshiba New Pier Hall.

The first part of the concert began at 2:00 in the afternoon, and SHU-I members appealed to fans with their tracks “Kiss My Life” and “Spotlight”. Upon their own introduction, they greeted fans and said, “Thank you so much to everyone for coming today. We hope everyone will be able to enjoy our first venture at performing live in a while.” Member Hyung Jun said, “You’ll be able to see a side of SHU-I that has never been seen before.” “We’ll be performing live as if it were a roller coaster. Please fasten your seatbelts!” member Min Ho exclaimed to the laughter of the audience.

SHU-I members simultaneously pulled out black-rimmed glasses from the breast pockets of their suits to the squeals of their fans. A message reading “What could this be for…?” followed the action and announced their new “Ah Cha Ko Cha SORRY”, which will be released on March 13th. This track is fun and focuses on the sweat that goes in behind the efforts of groups like SHU-I in their powerful dancing.

Acting as MC for the night, group SHU-I collectively shared, “We’re celebrating two years since our debut. We can still remember holding our very first live performance in japan two years ago.” Hyung Jun said, “It was really difficult learning and memorizing the material because my Japanese wasn’t very good at first. I’m really happy now because I can say whatever I want to say in Japanese without relying on anything for help.” Chang Hyun and Jin Seok also revealed, “Even though we’re still lacking in many areas, we’re so happy and grateful to have been singing and doing what we love for the past two years.” Just as a leader would, In Seok thanked fans by saying, “We’re still seeds planted in the soil right now. In order to blossom into a beautiful flower, we need the support of all of our fans along with water and sunlight. Please continue to support us.”

Fans were able to catch close glimpses of SHU-I members when they would descend from the stage during their cover of H Jungle with t’s “WOW WAR TONIGHT”. SHU-I said, “This is the song that we feel most closely represents us as we have left Korea to sing here in Japan,” and followed with a cover of Makihara Noriyuki’s “Distant” with the accompaniment of a single guitar to highlight their beautiful voices to the crowds.

Performing “Ah Cha Ko Cha SORRY” and its coupling track ‘Ash gray sky” during the encore of the performance, SHU-I also said, “Thank you to everyone here! We will try our hardest just for a smile on the faces of everyone here,” and concluded the first part of the “2nd ANNIVERSARY LIVE ~ HOP→STEP⇒JUMP~” concert with a performance of their hit singles, “Smile for Me” and “Like a Roller Coaster”.

The second half of the concert began at 6:00pm on that same day. It is expected that SHU-I will be holding two part concerts for fans on March 24th and May 4th, as well.


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