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Seoul Girls Collection to Tour Japan for 4 Months

[2013-05-23 14:36:23]

【May 22=KEJ Hyejin Koo / Translator Eunbee Kim】The fashion show and K-POP concert entertainment show “Seoul Girls Collection” will be landing in Japan for four months.

Taking on the title of “S.G.C SUPER LIVE IN TOKYO”, the show will begin on June 1st and 2nd in a span of three parts at the Ariake Colosseum in Odaiba with actor Seo Ji Suk and girl group Kara’s Park Gyuri as leading MCs.

To make the K-POP concert lineup, Kara will be joined by Infinite, who released their mini album “When a Man Loves” to reach number one rankings on music charts in March; FT Island, who recently released their tenth Japanese single entitled “You Are My Life” last month and are seeking to defend their dominance in the music industry; diverse 9-membered group ZE:A; Rainbow, the 9-membered girl group who released a full-length studio album at the beginning of the year; and other groups such as N-SONIC, A-JAX, 24-K, and more to create a roster of 9 total idol Hallyu groups.

Born in 2012, the “Seoul Girls Collection” promotes a motto of “Something anyone can enjoy” (SHOWING), “The ease of mobile shopping” (CONVENIENT), and “Combined with the music of the hottest stars” (ENJOYABLE) and touts that it is a fashion show offering all aspects of an entertaining event combining Hallyu entertainment content with the ability to purchase products.

Along with domestic Japanese fashion labels, the fashion show will contain clothing from ENZUBAN, AT-MUE SEOYOUGNSOO, CRE. E DIM, and DIRECTOR BEE with a total of seven total designers.



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