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“The Suspect” gets cranked up a notch! Full expectations bloom for Gong Yoo’s first action role

[2013-06-13 10:20:03]

【June 5=KEJ Mai Okune / Translator Eunbee Kim】“The Suspect”, Gong Yoo’s first work in over two years, has officially entered post-production after wrapping up filming on the 2nd.

“The Suspect” is an action film that tells the story of Ji Dong Chul, a North Korean spy settled in South Korea after being abandoned by his own country, who becomes the suspect in the murder case of a CEO and the events that unfold thereafter. His first role in two years following “Silenced” in 2011, Gong Yoo and his acting transformation is joined by big names Park Hee Soon, Jo Sung Ha, and Yoo Da In in “The Suspect”, which has just entered post-production after nine months of filming.

In this role, Gong Yoo sheds his well-known soft and gentle charisma to take on a new masculinity to become Ji Dong Chul, a former top North Korean spy attempting to uncover the truth and corruption surrounding the murder case he is the main suspect in. Taking on his first official action role, the actor put much care into building his body before filming for “The Suspect” began. Because his character is the holder of much sorrow and grief, fans have been especially excited to see Gong Yoo embrace his more emotional side in the upcoming movie.

Gong Yoo’s transformation for “The Suspect” will be available for viewing with the release of the movie during the second half of the year.

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