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Son Hyun Joo brings out fashionista side

[2013-07-05 14:54:19]

【July 4=KEJ Saori Shiina / Translator Eunbee Kim】The fashion of actor Son Hyun Joo of current SBS drama “Empire of Gold” has been the center of attention as much as his acting.

Son Hyun Joo plays the son of a rich totalitarian family, and therefore boasts a new allure with a physical appearance that is a complete 180 from that in “The Chaser”. Preparing for a role completely different from his normal dandy man next door, the actor shared, “I had to prepare a complete plethora of clothing from 10 suits to 20 button down shirts to 20 other shirts to a whole range of different shoes”, and also noted that he had a lot of fun in preparing a new wardrobe.

On one hand, interest has also been accumulating as to what other sorts of characters and styles Son Hyun Joo will be trying his hand at; for example, his role in the upcoming film “Hide and Seek” is that of Sung Soo, a wealthy man that dons casual suits. “Hide and Seek” is a thriller slated for release this August and begins with the story line of a man hiding others’ bodies in his home and continues to raise the question of how far one would go for the sake of family and their home. In order to exhibit the loyalty and willingness to protect a different type of family than the one he normally has in dramas, Son Hyun Joo chose a more casual suit fashion and gave up the clothing of the homely father.

Showing off a never before seen classy suit fashion as of late, Son Hyun Joo will be starring in “Hide and Seek”, a film promising an exciting yet explosively fun thriller. The film will premiere to the public on August 14th.


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