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Photos of Son Hyun Joo & BoA and Moon Jung Hee & Choi Siwon on set of “Hide and Seek” revealed!

[2013-08-01 14:07:52]

【July 25=KEJ Miwa Takahashi / Translator Eunbee Kim】Actors Son Hyun Joo and Moon Jung Hee from drama “Hide and Seek”, which has already made its claim to be the hit movie of this summer after earning 1.3 million click upon releasing its teaser, were all the rage as photos of them on set with their idol friends were released.

Top Korean actors Son Hyun Joo and Moon Jung Hee revealed their curious connections to their fellow idol stars. They were “Asia’s star” BoA and “global Hallyu king” Choi Siwon from Super Junior, respectively. As soon as photos of the stars were posted onto SNS, netizens went crazy with their responses, RT’ing the photos and commenting as well.

BoA had revealed last year through her Twitter account during the broadcasting of SBS drama “The Chaser”, in which Son Hyun Joo played the main character, that Son Hyun Joo was her ideal man. After much interaction in which the two stars encouraged and supported one another, they finally met on SBS’s “Thank You”. Because it was the first time in which Son Hyun Joo and BoA were together on a talk show, fan interest has already been soaring as to what could’ve happened during that taping. Meanwhile, Moon Jung Hee has been the center of much fan envy when she revealed she was close with legendary group Shinhwa and then Super Junior. Moon Jung Hee and Choi Siwon had initially met in 2010 on the set of SBS drama “Oh! My Lady”, in which both actors had starred. They kept in close contact even after filming ended, and now share a close sibling relationship with one another. Son Hyun Joo and Moon Jung Hee were both featured at the taping for “Thank You” on the 22nd and drew eyes as they extended an invitation to BoA and Siwon to the VIP premiere of “Hide and Seek”.

Meanwhile, as soon as this news from the “Thank You” taping was shared, articles covering the story began to pop up all over the Internet. Netizens responded with comments such as, “Fundamental actors, fundamental singers…I’m down to support this!” “As Son Hyun Joo is an actor or BoA is a singer, they are both the best in their fields. I’m excited to see such an unconventional pairing”, “This completely unforeseen combination will be so much more fun than a typical one. We’ll be able to see a laid-back side of Son Hyun Joo and a new side to the constantly singing BoA!” and “It seems that BoA is getting her wish after meeting Son Hyun Joo hehe” (@DEC****), on SNS that confirm the notion that everyone is going wild over the nation’s top actors and top singers to be meeting. As the idol stars bring in the teenaged fans, it seems to be the case that fans from all ages will be enjoying “Hide and Seek”.

Expected to be a hit this summer, “Hide and Seek” is a story exploring two families and what lengths one would go to protect the hidden bodies in their home, and what lengths one would go to protect their family. With a solid structure and exciting story, “Hide and Seek” will be the go-to film for everyone this summer in the midst of the blistering heat. The incredible acting ensemble formed of Korea’s top actors Son Hyun Joo, Moon Jung Hee, and Jun Mi Sun can be seen in “Hide and Seek” upon its premiere on August 14th.



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