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Korea’s Top Stars’ Join at “The Berlin File” Premiere

[2013-02-06 10:41:02]

【January 24=KEJ Online News / Translator Eunbee Kim】Korea’s top leading director and actors have come together at the center of the red carpet in promotion of the film “The Berlin File”.

Director Ryu Seung Wan was joined by actors Ha Jung Woo, Han Suk Hyu, Ryu Seung Bum, and Jeon Ji Hyun at the premiere of “The Berlin File” that marked the beginning of appearances by Jeon Ji Hyun and Ha Jung Woo on the red carpet, who personally shook the hands of fans and signed autographs, followed by an official greeting of thanks. Afterwards, Han Suk Kyu, Ryu Seung Bum, and director Ryu Seung Wan had all eyes drawn on them as their arrival onto the red carpet marked the heated attention from fans and the flashes of the cameras.

In honor of the group’s first movement together, the leading directors representing the country of Korea such as Lee Jun Ik, Min Kyu Dong, and Yoon Jong Bin joined and shared their support. The nation’s top stars were also present, with household names such as Lee Byung Hun, Go So Young, Jung Woo Sung, and the cast of “New World”: Choi Min Shik, Hwang Jung Min, and Lee Jung Jae. Group 2NE1 and members Kangin, Donghae, and Choi Siwon of Super Junior were also present at the red carpet event to complete the list of the nation’s top celebrities.

Following the movie premiere, actor Jung Woo Sung said, “The movie is phenomenal. It combines both romance and things that men enjoy watching”, while Choi Min Shik did not rein in his compliments and said, “The movie has the greatest action! I loved Jeon Ji Hyun’s acting in this.” Lee Byung Hun shared his own comments with, “I have never been disappointed by the action in any one of Ryu Seung Wan’s films. It was absolutely gratifying to see another upgrade in the quality of action in this film.”

“The Berlin File”, which has been receiving the compliments of the nation’s top directors and stars, will be released in theaters on January 31st. (Photo=CJ Entertainment)


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