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Song Kang Ho & Jo Jung Suk are hilarious! The veil is finally removed from movie “Gwansang”

[2013-02-06 10:56:06]

【January 28=KEJ Mai Okune / Translator Eunbee Kim】The meeting place of many famous actors and actresses, the 2013 film “Gwangsang” has finally released details regarding the film through stills of Song Kang Ho and Jo Jung Suk, the greatest “faces” within “Gwansang”, also known as “The Face Reader”.

“Gwansang” tells the story of the debate regarding physiognomy, or the telling of the future through face reading, during the early Josun era in Korea. The film has already been receiving widespread interest as it boasts a phenomenal cast of legendary Korean actors and actresses such as Song Kang Ho, Lee Jung Jae, Bae Yoon Shik, Jo Jung Suk, Lee Jong Suk, and Kim Hye Soo.

The newly released “combi stills” feature Song Kang Ho and Jo Jung Suk with joined hands and faces filled with bright smiles while dressed in ragged hanboks of the day. The elaborately dressed female entertainers in the background provide a stark contrast to the two men, and have been effectively been drawing attention. Venturing on a role in a historical film for the first time, Song Kang Ho is playing the role of “Nae Kyung”, a man of a disgraced noble background embroiled in a power struggle, while Jo Jung Suk is playing the role of “Paeng Hun”, who helps Nae Kyung the face reader. The combination of top actor Song Kang Ho with rising actor Jo Jung Suk is expected to overwhelm audiences with their presence.

The release of Song Kang Ho and Jo Jung Suk’s “combi stills” has raised awareness of “Gwansang”, which is expected to hit theaters during the second half of the year. (Photo=Showbox)


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