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“The Night before the Wedding” Taecyeon says, “I’m looking forward to this first screen challenge”

[2013-04-16 14:20:54]

【April 16=KEJ Hyejin Koo / Translator Eunbee Kim】2PM member Taecyeon shared his aspirations for his first screen challenge of the film “The Night before the Wedding”.

Taecyeon’s first foray into acting, “The Night before the Wedding”, tells the story of four engaged couples a week before their respective weddings experiencing the marriage blues (stress on engaged couples regarding their upcoming wedding), with the singer turned actor playing chef boyfriend of Lee Yeon Hee and getting involved in a subtle yet thrilling love triangle with fellow actor Joo Ji Hoon.

Taecyeon shared, “I am extremely excited for the movie ‘The Night before the Wedding’. It’s an honor to work with such a great director on such a great project for my first on-screen debut, and I am also looking forward to working with so many respected senior actors as well. I will definitely be working my hardest to help produce a great film.”

Taecyeon first began his acting career in 2010 with his role in “Cinderella’s Sister” as Han Jung Woo, the shy best friend in love with main character Moon Geun Young, and received much praise for his performance. In 2011, he followed with his role of Jin Gook in “Dream High”, which also received much praise and acclaim for his portrayal of the hurt but determined student seeking after his dreams.

Taecyeon’s first silver screen debut, “The Night before the Wedding” will begin filming in April 2013.


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