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“Love’s Rock-Paper-Scissors” Yoon Kye Sang transforms to take on comedic role!

[2013-04-25 13:18:45]

【April 23=KEJ Minja Kwak / Translator Eunbee Kim】Earning interest as the meeting of the nation’s greatest director Kim Ji Woon and actors Yoon Kye Sang and Park Shin Hye, the second work of Kolon Sports’ 40th anniversary Way to Nature film project “Love’s Rock-Paper-Scissors” (Sponsored by Kolon Sports | Produced by Figure Studios, MOG Interactive) has been the center of much attention as it has revealed that it will be showcasing the comedic side of actor Yoon Kye Sang.

Director Kim Ji Woon’s first romantic comedy “Love’s Rock-Paper-Scissors” has been the subject of much interest on the Internet after the first teasers were released. The revealed trailer shows irrational Woon Chul (Yoon Kye Sang) on a blind date with Yoo Jin (Park Soo Jin) when he meets his ideal woman Eun Hui (Park Shin Hye) for the first time, with the short film telling the story of the two through many hilarious scenes.

Park Shin Hye has been receiving an explosive reaction from netizens as he depicts a somewhat strange and awkwardly burdensome blind date veteran going through numerous mishaps in his attempts to score a woman.

Showing his strange charm through his out of character role in “Love’s Rock-Paper-Scissors”, Yoon Kye Sang made a successful debut in acting through his role in the film “Flying Boys” after enjoying an incredibly successful singing career with group g.o.d. Following this debut, Yoon Kye Sang demonstrated his versatility as an actor with performances in a spectrum of genres from director Yoon Jong Bin’s “Beastie Boys”, director Kim Ki Duk’s “Poongsangae”, and hit dramas “Greatest Love” and “High Kick! Revenge of the Short Legged”. In his first work with director Kim Ji Woon, “Love’s Rock-Paper-Scissors”, Yoon Kye Sang will be demonstrating a new and funny charm that contrasts his normal drama persona.

“Love’s Rock-Paper-Scissors” is the product of the nation’s greatest outdoor brand Kolon Sports for the corporation’s 40th anniversary, and therefore boast the names of the top directors and staff known for their creativity and imagination to depict the brand slogan “Your Best Way to Nature” for the second work in the “Way to Nature Film project”.

After the December 2012 release of the first part of the film series, entitled “Day Trip” from directors Park Chan Wook and Park Chan Kyung and starring actor Song Kang Ho, the film was praised for effectively collaborating the top brand with cultural aspects.
Director Kim Ji Woon’s sharp-styled romantic comedy “Love’s Rock-Paper-Scissors” will be released beginning on April 29th with a premiere showcase at CGV Theatres followed by a release on April 30th onto the official Kolon Sports website.


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