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The Peace Star Cup goes to the fierce pair, JYJ's Junsu and BEAST's DooJoon!

[2011-10-22 14:09:07]

【October 20=KEJ Ahn Ha-Na, Translator Jeong Ji-Eun】 Team FC MEN, comprised of JYJ’s Junsu Kim, BEAST’s DooJoon Yoon, HyunJung Kim, and other idol stars, won first place of the Peace Star Cup. The final match of the Peace Star Cup was held at the SuWon World Cup Stadium on October 19th, between FC MEN, the winner of the first three months of the league, and Miracle FC, winner of the second three months. Miracle FC, whose captain is the comedian YongMan Kim, made three goals in the first half of the game, making the score 3-1.

But in the second half, the young members of FC MEN, including captain Junsu Kim, DooJoon Yoon, and KiKwang Lee, completely outran Miracle FC, making three goals in the later half of the game. FC MEN flipped the score to 4:3, FC MEN, and won the game.

The idol stars of FC MEN grabbed public attention from the start, and they proved themselves by championing the Peace Star Cup. KyoungShik Yun of FC MEN, who broke the tie by making the winning goal two minutes before the end of the game, was named the Top Scorer and the MVP of the league.

From Miracle FC, captain YongMan Kim, who was played the hardest throughout the league, was named the Most Exemplary Player. DooJoon Yoon, who played especially well in the final game, took the glorious award of “SuWon Blue Wings-FC MEN, Man of the year,” selected by the SamSung Blue Wings and members of FC MEN.


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