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Park Yong Ha Commits Suicide by Strangulation

[2010-07-03 22:06:00]

【June 30th = KEJ Koo Hye Jin/Translator=Jeong Ji Hyun】Popular Korean star Park Yong Ha, age 32, was found dead in his house in the morning of June 30th.

At 5:30 a.m., Park was found dead in his house in Gangnam-Gu Nohyun-Dong in Seoul, by his mother who reported to the police. According to the police, Park strangled himself to death with a cellphone battery cord tied to the wooden frame of his bed.

Four hours before the time of death – around 12:40 a.m. on the same day – Yong Ha visited his father who sufferes from terminal-stage stomach cancer; he told his family that he is sorry, while massaging his father’s back and legs. His body is to be placed at the Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital (in the Catholic University of Korea) for the funeral. The sudden and tragic news shocked both Korean and Japanese fans who responded with utter panic and disbelief.

Yong Ha’s career had been very active recently. Along with Yoon Eun Hye, he was chosen the actor for the main character in the movie , a remake of ; he also had planned a concert tour of Japan that would have gone on until September.

Since his debut in 1977 with the drama , Yong Ha had acted in dramas , , and . was especially successful and made Park greatly popular in Japan and Southeast Asia, elevating him to an international stage. He also had a career as a singer, his hit song being , the theme song of the drama .


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