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2PM Nickhun to star in a movie with an AKB48 Member

[2011-11-15 10:23:45]

【November 14 =KEJ Kwak Min Ja/ Translator Ji Eun Jeong】2PM’s Nickhun will be appearing in a Japanese movie. JYP Entertainment stated that “2PM is active in Japan right now, and Nickhun’s talent as actor is being recognized as well. He will be acting in a minor role in the movie ‘Ouran High School Host Club’”.

‘Ouran High School Host Club’ gained high popularity Japan in 2006 as a TV anime and in 2011 as a drama series. The movie version is planned to be released in 2012. The story takes place at ‘Ouran High School,’ a private school for the wealthiest in Japan, and a school club called ‘Host Club.’ For the movie, actors for the roles of the main protagonist Haruhi (Haruna Kawaguchi) and the president of Host Club, Tamaki Suou (Yusuke Yamamoto) will stay the same as in the TV series.

There are some extra characters in the movie, however, including the exchange student from Singapore Michelle, played by Mariko Shinoda, and her brother Lawrence, which is Nickhun’s part. The addition of these new characters got many people to look forward to the movie. Nickhun’s role Lawrence is a president of a large company in Singapore and brother of Michelle, played by AKB48’s Mariko Shinoda. Nickhun finished filming in Japan last month; he worked diligently to transform from a singer on stage to an actor, to create an engaged and clear character in the movie. Nickhun’s change is something to look forward to.

The film company’s staff was excited to “see Nickhun’s potential in acting.” Regarding the casting process, the staff explained: “Lawrence’s role requires both a confident, professional image and a kind, gentle side, with a proficiency in English. Nickhun was a right match for this character so he was casted for the role.”Meanwhile, Nickhun is currently on an Asia Tour with 2PM, and is preparing for a Singapore concert on the 17th.


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